Gate 9 Triturator Area Improvements

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The Gate 9 Triturator Area Improvements project at Nashville International Airport includes the construction of a new entrance to Gate 9 to the Terminal ramp. Also included in this project was a heavy duty dumpster pad which houses a trash compactor, recycling compactor, and two open top 30 CY dumpsters. Working in a secured area, gate guard and visual escort were provided to maintain security. Subcontractors included Marcor, Inc., DAS Electric, D.W. Kidd Construction, Thornton & Associates and Archangel Protection.

Jarrod Imler was the Project Manager of this project.


Metropolitan Airport Authority
1 Terminal Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
Mr. Bryan Barton, PE
phone (615) 275-1781

Original Contract Amount: $ 407,650.00
Change Orders: $ 107,068.00
Final Amount: $ 514,718.00
Project Start: April 2015
Project Completion: July 2015

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